Switch Fringe 2014

26 September – 11 October 2014

Inspiring Ipswich

Switch Fringe is a non-profit, 16 day, music and arts festival, run by volunteers, based in Ipswich (Suffolk, UK). We exist to promote, support and celebrate Ipswich; and the talented people that call this town their home. For 2014 we want to inspire the people of Ipswich to reach further, dream bigger and make those crazy ideas a reality.

To get involved simply fill out the form below, include as much info as possible. Tell us about your art, music, genres, projects, styles, goals, wishes, dreams, quirks, skills and abilities!

We're not just looking for performers, but also all the other cogs that make up a festival's inner workings, so do get in touch even if you don’t know exactly what you want to do. We need all sorts if people; Promoters, Stewards, Sound Technicians and Venue Owners to host events; Writers, Designers, Photographers and Artists for the Programme and Posters.

Who are you?

What's your name and how do we contact you? (Name, Email, Phone, Web, etc.) (Note that we're mainly about Ipswich talent, you can't just rock up from London with your hipster art crew)

What do you do?

In a band? An artist planning an exhibition? A poet with tales to tell? Do you have a fat PA or a Marquee going spare? Do you want to lend your body or mind to feed the festival machine?

What makes it great?

What is it about your band/art/project/elbow that makes you different? What sort of thing could we write in the programme or on a poster to get the average punter to come along?

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